Dissemination tree for Project CONTAIN showing key beneficiaries of the research output

Dissemination, interaction and stakeholder engagement are important facets of the project. These include regular interaction with external stakeholders through an executive group and regular participation in meetings and research fora, including UKCCSRC.

As detailed in work package 3, a core element of the research will seek to understand societal perspectives on CCS and feed this into project outputs. Interviews, survey and workshops will elicit stakeholder and public understanding and perceptions. Project deliverables include a toolkit of tested engagement methods and communication recommendations.

Electronic briefings are also published bi-annually to inform key user groups of project findings and progress. Our research based activities will be published in disciplinary and peer reviewed journals.

To disseminate our research to the general public and gain further feedback, we also plan to participate in the British Science Festival in September 2016, where we will present our findings and encourage public discussion. Finally, industry, policy and other UK CCS stakeholders will be invited to a final workshop to disseminate project findings, held at a suitable UK venue.