Project work packages

Project structure, linkages and management interactions for CONTAIN

Work package 1

Work package 1 (impact of depletion and re-inflation on reservoir and caprock behaviour) will provide valuable, high-quality datasets and improved process understanding for a range of materials, allowing validation of modelling within the project.

Work package 2

Work package 2 (geomechanical modelling of injection/depletion scenarios) will focus on assessing the potential for caprock failure in response to geomechanical deformation induced by a range of depletion and injection scenarios. These results, combined with those from WP1, are expected to provide a theoretical framework to assess the impact of operational activities on the long-term containment and feasibility of CO2 storage in a range of depletion and re-inflation scenarios. It is expected that the project outputs will provide valuable information for regulators on best practice, aid operators in the development of suitable injection strategies and, consequently, facilitate 'de-risking' CCS projects in depleted scenarios.

Work package 3

Work package 3 (social understanding and acceptance of CCS storage proposals) will have a wider scope focussing on a range of stakeholders, but in particular the public. This WP will explore the factors that determine public and stakeholder understanding and acceptability of CCS storage proposals. The lessons and knowledge derived from this work will be summarised in an outreach and engagement toolkit, which will be disseminated to regulators, operators and communication specialists.